Kassen Akoll
Born in Dinnlan to a family of middle-class merchants, he recieved a basic tradesman’s education before being drafted by the Dinnish military to assist in the desperate last-stand defense of the country, which ultimately failed. Seeing that the battle was hopeless, he and Elim deserted before the final push and crept through occupied territory for weeks before eventually arriving at Val Salia, where they joined House Ivenmoth and began building a new life.
Elim Dorelga
Born to a family of tiplod ranchers, Elim enjoyed an idyllic, peaceful country life, which he would have happily continued if not for the invasion by the Sovereignty of Beletam and the subsequent draft. He was assigned to the same squad as Kassen, and deserted with him when things turned sour. They didn’t know each other very well before that, but became incredibly close as they kept each other alive during their desperate flight from their former home.
Not much is known about Isher’s origins, except that she quietly arrived in Val Salia at some point, and struggled to find work until Kassen met her and suggested she join house Ivenmoth, offering to vouch for her. Though she is incredibly grateful to him, most of her work tends to involve being a bouncer, bodyguard, or other tasks that require her to play the role of an intimidating brute. She struggles with this, as she’s a gentle soul, and prefers to work in the Undergardens whenever possible.
A young indrel drone who became fascinated with humans and their culture (albeit a very distorted, fairytale view thereof) at an early age, she has left her hive in hopes of pursuing her fantasy of living among humans. Though things have been different from what she expected, they’ve certainly been interesting.
Viracroix Salia
The current heir to house Ivenmoth’s small merchant empire, he guides the course of his house, as all members of the Salia bloodline have done before him. In addition to providing the city of Val Salia with a basic system of law and population management, the Salia bloodline has always pursued “enlightening” ends in addition to trade, such as astronomy, cartography, and the study of natural life. Viracroix is particularly enamored with the pursuit of knowledge, and has publicly described himself as more of a seeker of enlightenment than a Trademaster.Several local trade houses interpreted this as a weakness, and attempted to cut into house Ivenmoth’s trade routes, before being swiftly and effectively outmaneuvered by Viracroix, who then absorbed them into his own trade empire. It is unknown if Trademaster Viracroix had spoken in earnest in his earlier public announcement, or was simply laying bait.

A fairly self-composed and educated yinglet (in itself a very rare thing), Vizlet is the Matriarch of Val Salia’s yinglet enclave. She is in charge of the local yinglet population’s interactions with the few females within the enclave, putting her in a unique position of power, which she uses towards many ends.. She is also the only female allowed to travel in public without an escort group.

A fairly successful street merchant (at least in terms of merchants who scavenge their wares from along the beachline), Lopin is well-spoken for a yinglet, and despite his courteous and preening personality, he knows how to defend his turf.

He is a fancy lad.

The bunkmaster of the bunkhouse that house Ivenmoth constructed for the influx of Dinnish refugees following the war, she is Dinnish herself, and despite her bad leg and heavy drinking, she takes her job very seriously out of findness for her fellow countrymen. She tries to make the best of the small bunkhouse, despite it being an underfunded charity that was just constructed to keep starving refugees off the streets.

A biteleaf addict; formerly a field medic in the Dinnish military, he was one of the few that volunteered before the draft to help his country survive. He now acts as the Dinnish bunkhouse’s resident healer, when he’s not dreaming of better days in a cloud of biteleaf smoke.