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OOPs #64
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  1. fire238

    We were all having fun watching Kass tie himself in literal knots, then you had to go and make t weird. Way to go, Elim.

    • Valsalia



      • fire238

        Valsalian locker rooms must be the worst.

      • MajestNick

        Dear God! What if he asks Isher to see if his is ‘normal’ now.

        Or worse, Vizlet.

        • MajestNick


        • Justme

          He’d be too concerned with the fact that he has a vagoo to be concerned with whether or not it is normal. Besides, he’s already had ‘the talk’ with Vizlet. Involuntarily.

      • Elbob


  2. SuperTaster

    Kass is a little danger noodle.

    • Valsalia

      Best back up, lest ye be wildly scratched

    • Justme

      So long as there is no talk of bones.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of slinkies Kass,

    • Valsalia

      You will come to have a special relationship with stairs in time

  4. hardworkingunicorn

    The Yinglet Ouroboros is a yinglet checking out it’s own ass. It all makes sense now.

    • Valsalia

      But if they twist around, they can be checking out their crotches!

      • Roose Hurro

        Flexible enough to lick ANYWHERE…

      • Roose Hurro

        … not to mention literally able to put their foot in their mouth, by the looks of it.

  5. Chronocrosser

    Glad to see Kasie is feeling better. I wonder if there ever will be a Yinglet yoga. And I’m betting she has not pissed yet, Judging by how freaked out about it she got.

    • KarmikCykle

      Or she has and it was as awkward and uncomfortable as being catapulted unwillingly into having to pee with completely different plumbing would logically be.

    • Valsalia

      Oh Kass has, but has looked away and done everything he can to touch as little as possible during the act.

      • KarmikCykle

        As I would imagine almost any male who was forced to and doesn’t want to be a female would.

      • Leonid

        Hello Valsia! Cool comix I want to say. I’m from Ukraine, so sorry from my mistakes. I want to know, will you do the ending of your comix? Or end already exist? Generaly, I want to translate your comix.

  6. Quite funny. Are Yinglet their version of “Noodle” animals like Weasels?

    • Valsalia

      Possibly, though Baxxid make better, if much larger noodles!

  7. Eagle0600

    He’s got a point about not being able to maintain that grumpiness forever.

  8. NullApostle

    All hail the Ouroboros Yinglet.

    • Woot! Yinglet Ouroboros! Soon the skies shall blacken and we will bring fire upon this world! Until then lets snag some lead cups from the markey and turn them gold! 😀

  9. cymutecard19

    iv only just caught up with this page, and after reading the whole thing up to this point i can safely say…i now worship the glorious hilarity that is the yinglet. for one thing iv learned never to “piss” them off 😀

    • Valsalia

      Well I tell ya man there’s gonna be like a million more yinglets produced over the course of my life so you’re all set!

  10. BigTuk

    And here we thought it was just one of those off panel things and all that they never mention. Just when Kassy was getting a handle on things another worry pops up. Way to go Elim. Kassy’s back to their normal paniy self.

    Also. Lols for the next two weeks.

  11. WalterGomezAKAChochi
  12. Feudie

    I was not expecting Elim to take things that way and I just noticed that yinglet belly buttons are prominent enough to appear through fur lol

    • Feudie

      4th panel makes me think of good old philosiraptor

    • TendoTwo

      Wait, why would they even have one? Don’t they hatch from eggs?

  13. Trilaanus

    A Yinglet game of Twister must be quite a sight.

    • spudwalt

      I bet Yinglets would *love* Twister. They might not stick to the rules very long, but they’d probably all have a blast.

  14. mywayorzimbabwe

    The level of smugness in that first panel is almost too much, lol. Also Val, I missed your stream again, do you have a schedule for those, or is it a whenever you can type thing? I would love to tune in next time!

    • Valsalia

      No set schedule; I just tend to stream anytime I’m doing comic/Patreon work! If you +Watch my Picarto channel, you can get alerts whenever I start one up.

  15. Bix

    Must’ve been fun drawing out all those poses.

  16. It is a very valid question, actually.

  17. Bubblekin Spawn

    Maybe Yinglets don’t urinate? Their digestive systems could be super-efficient. And why is the friend the first to be curious about his/her pee?

    • Trilaanus

      Elim’s all curious about that Yinglet vag.

    • I believe the medical term for what Elim is requesting is Val’s new “hoo ha.”
      Or perhaps Elim is curious as to the possible proclivities of fluid dynamics in regards to the mass of fur protecting the “area of unspeakable unmentionableness!”

      • MajestNick

        D’you think Kass just has a cloaca?

      • SuperTaster

        Alternately, the Secret Compartment. the Anti-Sausage. the Yinglet Factory. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. the Fern Gully.

  18. Panel 5 looks like something that would go on some country’s flag or something. Very regal posing for a proper matriarch, I must say.

  19. The Northwind Howling

    In a way, I respect Elim for asking the weird questions society has conditioned me not to. What? Stop looking at me like that! I said “in a way!”

    Good on Kass for doing the right thing and abusing the new body’s flexibility, though. They are the scrawny-scrabbling hero we need. Side note to Val, when will Kass’s pronoun be addressed? I’m not saying a major character and plot moment should be railroaded for the sole purpose of removing grammatical strain from readers, but, y’know, just a hint?

    • Valsalia

      That’s a tough subject! If you’re talking about Kass purely in the biological sense, definitely “she,” but Kass as an individual, and in Kass’ mind? Not so much.

  20. Oh boy… As resident trans girl I’m jealous, but this is far more of a sucky FTM dysphoria thing than a gloriously liberating MTF thing.

    Noodle Kass is adorable though.

    • Valsalia

      Yup; and the dysphoria from the sex change is actually pretty small compared to the change of species!

  21. Starstruck

    I just binge-read this whole thing from the very beginning. What a world, and with interesting characters and surprisingly deep lore.
    And man do I feel such a withdrawal for there not being more. After reading a hundred pages in two days, the thought of having to wait a week or more for just one more page is just painful. I guess I feel a lot like a yinglet without his oysters, or something.

    As a question for the author, is there any plans for developing the main characters other than Kass? Like, we do occasionally get glimpses into the shared past of Elim and Kass, and especially these last few pages have really built the character of Elim, but we still barely know anything about Isher other than that she’s infatuated with Kass, and we know even less about Yannit.

    So, without giving away too much of your plans for this story arc, is there going to be more Isher or Yannit in the near future?

    Once again, I absolutely love this, and you have definitely earned a fan today. Keep up the great work!

    • Valsalia

      All right! Glad you found this thing.

      Yes, Kass is taking the spotlight at the moment, but each character has a lot going on, and will be getting more individual attention as the story goes on. Lotsa Isher, lotsa Yannit.

      Great to have earned a fan; I intend top make sure the comic continues to earn the attention it’s getting!

  22. Mike

    This seems highly relevant to the first 2 panels:

  23. spudwalt

    *discovers new skill*

    *uses it to mess with best friend*

    • Valsalia


  24. Lude

    Level 5 yinglet achieved.
    Quest: Destroy best friend’s mind.

  25. Saurotitan

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope!

  26. Allester

    I’m waiting for Kass to be in the middle of a Report to the Boss man… suddenly just licking her eye without realizing it, and that weird moment of silence of “Did you really just do that?” kinda moment, before Kass freaks out over ‘eye juice’ xP

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