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OOPs #57
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  1. Zoseres

    Just discovered your great comic!!! Just amazing, I’m hooked to the story. Just in awe with the detailed storyline, characters and artwork. Also I’m adhering to the Isher fanclub… ^^
    Wanting more already! Thank you!

  2. pezwolf

    Am i imagining things, or did this whole comments section get wiped?

    • pezwolf

      Ah, disregard, browser was being slow in loading comments for the other FULL PAGE of comments.

      • lol I made a similar comment but it is currently “awaiting moderation” so it is currently unseen. Comments page seems reduced to a limited number of comments per page, but an almost unlimited number of reply-comments per page. lol its good for comment hunting and discussion, bad because it creates long pages. Thankfully most of the html coding is stripped from the comments so we don’t get bogged down with embedded images or video nonsense. Good code!

  3. robin

    Isher THICC af tho ( ´Д`)👌

  4. Lude

    wont lie. I agree with Robin. She THICC. I am very attracted to that.

  5. Anvildude

    Her poor horn, though! What could have taken such a chunk out of it? That’s gonna take decades to grow out.

    She should see if Kass’s new position can get her a metal wrap for that bit, to reinforce it. And she could decorate it, too!

    • stevepusser

      Maybe she tried to remove it a la Hellboy. I can see that. No need to let the world know you’re horny.

      • MSpears

        Heh. I tend to agree, though… even though Valsalia hasn’t said, my first thought is that she started to hack it off, to try to hide her heritage (and then realized that the red eyes, pointed ears, tail, digitigrade legs, claws, and plated skin are enough of a giveaway, so removing the horn would be pointless).

    • Windmask

      I’m thinking she is a exile from her people and that mark on her horn is a symbol of that.

      1. She seems to act extra sad when she found out Yannit is an exile.
      2. It seems that she is the only one of her kind there.
      3. And she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a ha something.

  6. rtasxyonee

    I honestly love theses kind of stories. You done a great job on character development and the plot of the story. I honestly rearly find story’s this good so I have to give it to ya you done a great job on this

  7. Bird Face

    Is there a discord chat or something, cuz the forums are kinda… shite

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      We’re working on it…

  8. TvTropesgotmehooked

    I’ll repeat starting a new forum is very very very difficult!…

    Please do not send [Val] any more messages or emails about the forum! I honestly didn’t expect the ads to be worse than the spam on the old one… :/ Messed up my plans. What’s the point of banning spambots when the untouchable ads are even worse!

    If you get a message that ‘your SIM card is infected’ or some other BS, LOL no, it isn’t! Delete those delicious cookies and cache; it’s just anozher scam! Somezhing in zha image, just gaslighting to get people to download a bad app!
    Please, don’t send anymore messages to [Val], this is mostly my fault for not keeping my damn mouth shut.
    We will eventually get a working forum, we will defeat SkyNet, we will resist the Borg!
    [Just to Valsalia] sorry! If you start a forum, ‘self-hosted’ give me two days!
    I wish the weekend was already here, I could lock this down and we would have something useable, honestly.

    • Havent got that ad on the forum board yet (thankfully, since I do get it sporadically on a manga page I used, I know its a bad ad that one)
      Ads I’m getting on the forum are mainly clothes ads and “pretty” things.

      This one is a good testing forum though. I like the idea of discord, but it wants way too much info on the app, and it’s business model creeps me out.
      So forum is best, imho.
      I’m lug nut in the forum too btw!
      Message me and brain storm. Keep this nitty-gritty off the pretty side of the site/front-page. (Or at least put a tag or make them all replies so it can be deleted later, easily. #dd)

      I don’t message artists. (Note, last thing you want to do is stress them out and get delays(hint hint)). Commitees usually handle the goings on, give the boss/artist reports, and try to make what the boss wants happen.

      TvT ya seem to be in the know, so good luck with the forum if you get to do it (share the code with me, I’m curious about databases and the forum setup) Only problem with private hosting is server storage

  9. Siegfried Beowouves

    discovered just, good I much like very, yinglets hilarious are, interesting very, like angry kittens adorable.

    • Sylvrwolflol

      Okay, Yoda…

      • Yoda

        If so say you

  10. Windmask

    Love the storyline I can read the hole thing over & over and not get bored. I would love to see updated on a more regular basis going by the upload date on each page I guess I’ll have to wait more or less a month for the next page but for this webcomic it’s worth the wait.

  11. Raina Selone

    Kind of can’t decide if Isher is half-dragon or half-orc… Guess I’ll have to wait to find out!

  12. illeatyourself

    Is it weird that I ship Isher and Male Human Kass, but I also ship both Lopin and Elim with Female Yinglet Kass?

    • Sylvrwolflol

      You could have just stopped at “Is it weird that I ship…”. Yes. Yes it is.

      • Noooo… its human nature to play match-maker!
        Elim with Kass tho… They may be bros, but they ain’t “bromantic” bros though. They War-Bros! (Witness!)

  13. Siegfried Beowouves

    I just took the time to try and talk with a service spoon between my top lip and incisives and “th” is not impossible. You only have to get crafty with your tongue and palate so yinlets would sound like a toothless person managing near perfect speech.

    On the other hand Baxxid and Indrel must have a hard time with “b” and “p” in the absence of lips (do indrel have lips?)

    • Vantablack Jelly

      I imagine species like the baxxid and indrel must have a method of replicating human language that probably involves the throat or adjacent organs more than the mouth and lips; birds known for their mimicry, for instance, produce complex sounds from their syrinx.

  14. Alceris

    So after some experimenting, I’ve found out that you can make a ‘th’ sound with the roof of your mouth and not just your front teeth.

    • Alceris

      Actually you don’t even need to press your tongue onto anything.

      • I don’t know about that, but the sound I get from testing others (and myself), using the word “the” as the example word, is a “the” that sounds like dracula saying “the.” (Like “blah” in a way)

        It was agreed that the was very hard to say, and annoying when you self handicap.

        Alternatively, I reeeeeeeeally want there to be now, Russian Yinglets!
        “Da komrade Kass! Da enemy is over dair!” *poinpoints with tail*
        Or possibly Norwegian or German or Dutch or Spanish or Portuguese or French

        • Jamaican yings! Woot! Best pairing yet! “Ya man! Don’t’cha be worrying bout dat. It gone be ah’ree”

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