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OOPs #60
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  1. Raina Selone

    Yay! First comment! Keep the pages coming, Val! You rock!


    • Verfor99


  3. Chronocrosser

    Well at least the pretty rat princess is felling better. But I have a feeling she won’t let anyone call her that when she’s not on a clam high.

  4. WalterGomezAKAChochi

    Silly Kassen, you don’t have a dick anymore!

    • Valsalia

      It’s his metaphorical dick, which is HUGE

      • Biggest metaphorical dick ever. Source: Wikifur.

  5. Van

    Kass has been stuffing his face with clams for over a month straight, but he was so absorbed in it he still thinks its the same night.

    Meanwhile Elim was working on his book about a horny lizard.

  6. SuperTaster

    Don’t encourage him, Kass. He’d do it. For science.

  7. Hmmm… armed with this information, you could capture an enclave! Dope up the matriarchs and patriarchs, and have your very own scav army! Start your own breeding program, and build the best yinglets possible to take over all surrounding enclaves.
    If you wanted the best for them, leave Vizlet in charge.
    …if not. Vizlet disappears …

    Good thing Viracroix is (so far) benevolent and not malevolent (like his great-grandfather :b)

    • I still think Viracroix is trying to get Isher for the best genes too, btw :b
      Sneaky sneaky!

    • Shadotterdan

      Isn’t that Vizlet’s plan more or less?

      • Yes… except with her as the overlord. Right now she is forced into being a princess though, in a land of kings. I wonder what Vizlet is like when she gets clam-baked? :b

        • SuperTaster

          See Valsalia’s pictures of her dreaming about Swarthy Human Pirates. It’s the same sort of Naptime-Aw-Yeah! face as Kass here. Could be…

    • Krahazik

      Should read the little extra one page about an attempt as a scav military unit. So far with that ides, there is an issue with unit effectiveness being measured in negative numbers.

      • Ah! But they lacked vision, my comrade!
        A smart leader would binge the ying leaders on clams, and then pretend the enemy has them all now! Yinglets would quickly become Zerg-yings! With a
        kekeke ^w^ Ying rush!
        Supported by human war machines and the like!
        Or … they are light and birdlike in some matters…
        Trebuchet + cloth = yinglet parachutists!
        Quick! Get gather the generals! We war a war to plan :3

  8. Jinxed

    Lopin wants to dick Kass. Nothing new there.

  9. Anon

    Kass no! If you keep pigging out on slimy things you might get…. thicc.

    That is a type of attention you really don’t want.

  10. Heheh custom speach bubbles just add toooooooo much extra charm/character/emphasis in the dialog. Kinda wonder if there would be a way of coding something like that for chat bubbles in real life apps and chat systems for games… hmmmm…

  11. Trilaanus

    Nothing in life is bad enough that you should resort to drugs to get through it, Kass. Be a strong person, don’t give in!

  12. Want to be a yinlet so bad

    At first I was sad for their slime meat addiction but now I am jalous.

  13. fe2f9ma8

    Wait … clams? Did the kitchen run out of oysters?

  14. KathYohneke

    You do realize you need to draw muscle lopins now right?

  15. technoZombie

    Better use with Yinglist is hit and run tactics. Best to equip with crossbows and balls full of poison powder. Scene of there size they could operate traps and triggers in area were only kids could fit. Think intelligent traps.

    Also don’t they have night vision. That alone can fuck up enemy supply lines. Night raids, assassins, supply thief, saboteurs, poisoning, fires, enemy movement being watched. In a straight up fight a Yinglet is laughable at best. But the amount of harassment these buggers can put out could force the enemy to re plan there entire military champion.

    There like Kobolds but not evil set in a very low magic world.

    PS- I love low magic setting fantasy worlds. It means its harder to be a hack while writing a story.

  16. Ringcaat

    Kass made a lot of progress in this page! It made me laugh and laugh (at work). I’m so delighted he’s successfully bonding with Lopin and coming to grips with things… even if he feels less content in the morning.

    Kind of funny how Elim doesn’t say anything and apparently doesn’t have to.

    Lopin is now Rank Two!

    I really like your use of the tilde symbol to indicate drawn out, playful speech. I can just hear how Lopin’s “Okaaaay~” sounds. 🙂

    I feel like Kassen’s use of “Suck my dick” indicates that he still identifies as male, which is sufficient evidence for us to keep using male pronouns for him. Maybe not for too much longer, though?

  17. Verfor99

    Elim, you’re going to have to hold Kass’s ears out of the way when he has that massive clam hangover in the morning.

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