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OOPs #46
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  1. Van

    I feel like yinglet pit fighting would be a popular gambling sport in this world. It’s probably easy to convince a yinglet to willingly participate. That combined with the lack of modern law means it’d probably be allowed.

    With their cartoony roadrunner running style and significant speed, yinglet racing would probably also be popular. Combined with their clumsiness and lack of attention span, it would also be unpredictable and have lots of wipe-outs for entertainment.

    • Valsalia

      It’s hard for them to actually injure each other unless they get all bitey, so pit fighting (or their version thereof) could certainly be entertaining.

      • SuperTaster

        It’s like cockfighting, except they can say naughty words and understand when the crowd heckles them. Then the winner shows up at your house having eaten all your food.

      • Omegafoxer

        This sunday on pay-per-view Yinglet Pillow Pit fights. Who will come out on top and who will be pillowed under.

        • SuperTaster

          Spoiler: One Yinglet has tried to get all the feathers out of their pillow(birds want to be free), another is stealing all the pillows to make a fort, and the announcer Yinglet has been mistaken for a pillow, and thus is part of the fort. He does not mind.

          • K. Iceclaw

            I’d watch it.

        • Pish

          Welcome to the home of all yinglet action, Saturday night SMEKDOWN!

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Yinglet Olympics!

  2. Lurktime

    Oh Ran, you lovable dick. His reaction to this scuffle is priceless.

    Also poor Lopin, it’s just not his day.

    • Valsalia

      Just a perk of the job when your job involved ratbirds!

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      LOL, second panel is the new trollface!

  3. Mithril

    Lopin has no idea that the object would do that. There is no malice involved. Kass perhaps should direct his/her energy to finding the one who gave the object to Lopin. And then maybe a strangling would be in order.

    • Valsalia

      Still, gotta strangle something! And Ran’s neck is out of reach.

  4. Crowbar

    That lower left panel – I think Lopin just fell in love.

    • Valsalia

      He’s just excited to wish the nice man/pretty lady a good yinglady life!

  5. WalterGomezAKAChochi

    Lopin is lucky Kass is strangling him…lots of blood were going to his brain to make the Kassen-Kass connection…his head may explode otherwise…yuck.

    • Valsalia


    • I am sure a certain green frog of authority, would be able to help clean up the mess in that instance of calamity. Maybe even bringing a few friends to teach a lesson …

  6. Samaru163

    Now Ran has a new topic to write a thesis on: Yinglet brawls.

    • stevepusser

      If there’s any karma in the Val Salia universe, we can only hope Ran gets to experience the yinglet lifestyle firsthand in the future. Bring on zhatzing version 2.0!

  7. I wonder when Lopin will realize he is the only male, in what used to be, an all female enclave?
    Oh what a lucky fancy yinglet!

  8. Jadriam

    AHA! A noted moment of a yinglet experiencing a ‘deep thought’ within the story! Good thing we read the Field Guide to accurately identify this phenomenon! Also, I get the feeling this strangling has all the might of petting a docile hedgehog: bristly, like rubbing your hands across plastic straws, but no real power or fury to it. Lopin’ll be fine. Maybe.

    How furious is the average ‘smek’ anyway?

  9. Anon


  10. Celeste Shamrock

    I’m not sure if Lopin is genuinely that naive or a clever scoundrel that knows how to turn a situation and what people say in such a completely different direction that when he replies its a subtle jab into that tender place they just exposed berating him. Whatever Lopin is, he has a craftiness too him I don’t think he’s completely aware of.

  11. TvTropesgotmehooked

    Lopin blush, almost as awesome as Baxxid blush, but not quite.

  12. Chronocrosser

    Wrong thing to say Lopin! Funny as hell! But not going to earn you any points with Kass, if anything you just got yourself demoted from rank zero. Well I’m sure a creative Yinglet like Kass can think up some demeaning or awful job even by Yinglet standerds, to get back at you.

  13. Trilaanus

    Awww, Kass, when your first yinglet baby calls you “Mama” your little heart will melt, I just know it…ow! Ow! Stop biting me, Kass! Ow ow ow ow!

  14. Oh, they’re fighting. How adorable!

  15. stevepusser

    Do males call every female “sopretty” as a matter of course, or is Kass really so outstanding? If so, what sets her apart? What are the yinglets’ standards of feminine beauty? For humans, they are related to overall health and youth, especially facial symmetry, and I imagine that yinglets are also looking for those kind of indicators.

    • Trilaanus

      With females so rare it’s probably a case of “any port in a storm” though I also doubt that there are any yinglet females that are not just as cute as can be.

  16. OmegaFoxer

    Great page.

    I gotta say I want to get a shirt of Yinglady Kass reaching towards the view with that look on his/her face and that speech bubble exactly like that above. I so want a Feel My Pain – Kass t-shirt.

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Hahahahahaaa! Seconded!
      It has to come with a blue Lopin hat though. 😀

  17. robin

    absolutely adorable xD

  18. Ben

    I give it 200 pages before they’re sleeping together.

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      I dunno. Technically, Yannit and Isher have already! 😛

      • Zita

        But will ran be watching?

        • TvTropesgotmehooked

          Of course! Or he’ll be really pissed that he missed the love-making/ugly-bumping.

          For science!

          …Though I shudder to imagine Kass/Kassie in heat, or whatever it will be called. But maybe he’s not ready for motherhood.
          *eats moth*

  19. Riverwolf

    Ok. Ran is starting to creep me out. First it was the sex ed. Then watching Yannit and Isher now Yinglet “wrasling”. What next? No. Dont tell me. Please dont.

  20. SpartanCommander

    A yinglet races would likely be pretty popular as well in some cases. Considering how humans and other races like things like races and tend to be fans of racing horses. A yinglet who’s a racer would probably actually have some fairly comfortable living conditions actually gets a decent meal and would likely be pretty popular. (he would likely send the majority of his earnings to the conclave but this would likely be one of the few ways one of the Yinglets that are sent outside of a conclave to do what ever they can to support it could possibly gain a higher rank in the society if they can do well with this. (it’s one of the things Yinglets probably all excel at running away)

  21. AzureRaptor

    Instead of Yinglet pit fighting, I would like to see…



    • Crowbar

      Yinglet wrestlers in sumo suits.

  22. DF

    Yanno, I just happened to stumble across a reference to this comic on FA and decided to google it.

    Now I’ve read the entire thing and I think it’s one of the top 30 or so that I’ve read. In other words, one of the best on the web. (I’ve read /a lot/ of webcomics over the years. Ugggh, why did I spend so much time on reading Ctrl+Alt+Del when there were so many better ones out there . . .)

    Anyway, I’d love to support this comic, but since I avoid any kind of re-occurring cost like the plague I can’t really do it through Patreon. So I’m gonna throw some money at you through Paypal instead. Wheeeeee!

  23. Max

    Unrelated to anything, the thumbnail on my browser homepage makes panel 2 look like Ran is doing the Yinglet ‘mind blown/thinking hurts’ posture/eye twitch

  24. KV-2 Crewed by Yinglets

    Ah its good to be back. The comic is amusing and compelling as always. Good on you Val.

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