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OOPs #44
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  1. Van

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a second page of comments. New milestone reached!

    • CyberTwin

      I do believe you are correct. That’s awesome! It’s so great to see OOPs getting more and more popularity.

    • Razor512

      Yay for page 2 of comments!
      I have a feeling that where ever Lopin goes, an uptick of comments follows.
      Everyone likes Lopin.

      • Van

        Actually, I’m mostly indifferent to Lopin. I’m here primarily for the adventures of Kassen Akoll, and to
        explore this world Val has created.

        • Razor512

          I am looking forward to the progression of the story, it is one of the best web comics that I have seen in a long time in terms of story and content.

  2. comet

    Great as always!

  3. The comments have magiced (majicked?) to a new realm!

  4. Max

    Posting on magic 2nd page of comments! Also because I still want to talk about Lopin triggering Kass’ Matriarch instinct. I think it’s a thing. We’ve seen that Kass has strong response to things Kass wouldn’t have expected (compliments, raw oysters, etc).

    • Riverwolf

      Matriarch instincts? You mean giving him a smeck?

      • Max

        You have to admit, that DOES seem to be the default urge for any Matriarch dealing with male yinglets, whereas before Kass was pretty tolerant of their shenanigans.

        • MediaGoat

          Or maybe its just irritation of a smart(-ish) person reacting to stupidity.

          • Max

            Possibly. And if so the change in perspective/personal element could certainly explain it. But it’s also a significant shift from his previously rather amused attitude towards them. Again, not saying he doesn’t have reasons, but that’s a thing too. He most certainly has reasons and Lopin being dorbz and not understanding if anything might’ve pissed most smart-ish people off even more.

  5. TJ

    yay 2 pages of comments!

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      But an earlier comic has currently 120 comments, and no second page!
      The only reasonable assumption that I can make is that we came too close to the truth about yinglets, or possibly the hats that some fancy ones wear, and that this is a ‘*jingles keys* look second page!’ distraction maneuver by [Valsalia].

      • Van

        I know you’re joking, but I feel compelled to be a smartass knowitall and point out that it is probably due to the length of the comments and the number of nested replies vs individual comments.

      • Van

        …but can we break that 120 comment record before the next update?

  6. Riverwolf

    Lets all act like Yinglets and try for page 3. Yea!

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Zhat whould be a so-terrible zhing to do!
      *waits for oops-45 to arrive*

    • TinyBagoly

      Ooooo Yes Yes! Zhat would be soo-somuch fun!

    • Samaru163

      But why would we do zhat? Is zhere something tasty in exchange? Like clam?!

      • MediaGoat

        Yes-Yes! I wants presents too! Maybe gives us a new hat zhanks okay!

    • Razor512

      Yes, zhey will never suspect a zhing, when zhey are distracted by the cuteness, we will sneak into ze lab, and make modifications to ze particle accelerator. We will collect ze antimatter before it dissipates during normal use, and zhen use ze antimatter to dissolve ze shells on ze clams.

      • Riverwolf

        Bbbbbut wont antimatah make clam go boom? Boom clam? Big boom clam! Thats how uni-verse get made!YAY!

        • TvTropesgotmehooked

          I zhink it only cook clam little bit. Only ze shell go boom scary-loud but still eatable maybe.
          Raw clam is ze best clam anyway, no?

          And why is ze article accelerator so much boom? I drop clam off ze cliff when had broken shell-tooth many many tides ago. Accelerating clam easy, but ze birds zhey steal clams!!! So I accelerate rock and hit ze terrible birds. Eat birds not so tasty as clam, but sell feathers to fancy rats. I save ze wishbones and make wish for new shell-tooth and so so many clams, and ze wish come true!

  7. Kremlore

    Lol, every time I check in on this comic I keep wondering if mass is going to lay an egg

    • Kremlore

      Friggin autocorrect, I meant kass not mass

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      It would be funny if Kass did with no warning and the last panel just has him(her, whatever) yelling at Ran and Lopin, and they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

      Would be a great bad dream/nightmare scene.

      • libronotes

        Hee-hee, Kass accusing Lopin with being the egg’s father.

        • libronotes


        • TvTropesgotmehooked

          When in doubt, blame either Lopin or Lippie for whatever ‘went wrong’.
          Poor, poor omegas amirite?

        • Kremlore

          Eggs don’t have to be fertilized, eggs are literally just chicken periods…

          • Fascinating!
            What if during Kass’s gender transmutation, he entered the “receptive / heat” phase (possibly ecplains some of the excess boost in hyper energy during his first days as a yinglet), and his testies transferred to ovaries or receptive egg cells, while still (temporarily), surrounded in a cloud of seminal fluids!

            Kass is not only the first (recorded) successfully self impregnated yinglet, AND
            The first successful (recorded) cross species fertilization of a yinglet!

            (Assuming his transformation happened species then gender (as was apparently shown), and not gender then the species.)

      • stevepusser

        Val has stated that the females go into a “receptive state” (heat) before laying a clutch, so I have to doubt that Kass would pop any out by surprise. Many birds also require other stimuli before they will clutch, such as a suitable nest or nestbox. I had some cockatiels once that were constantly going at it, but the hen wouldn’t lay without a nestbox.

  8. TvTropesgotmehooked

    I just got bored and read more comments on DA. My god are you funny.
    Please, never change. You are a catch to whoever gets you. :)

    • Van

      Congratulations! Your comment was the 121st! Yours was the one that beat the previous record of 120.

      • TvTropesgotmehooked

        I intended to stay out of this nonsense…
        Oh well, I am dissapoint. 😛

        Do I win bucket of clam? Zhis is so nice gift, never have I received before. So happy am I for seafood bucket… 😆
        *waits for oops-45, again…*

        Favorite new webcomic ever. Makes me smile every time.
        Wait a few weeks, donation will happen. :)

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