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OOPs #59
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  1. hardworkingunicorn

    Lopin looks alarmed. Is it because Kass is hogging all the clams, or because he can see the incoming tummyache a mile away?

    • Valsalia

      Lots o’ reasons, but especially since he’s never seen a yinglet tear through that many clams/oysters/etc that fast and in such numbers, nor a female displaying such unrestrained intensity!

  2. Genetta

    Lopin looks a bit disturbed, as if he’s only just realizing what it looks like when the shellfish supply isn’t a problem anymore for a yinglet

  3. Raina Selone

    This page was very, very much worth the wait!

  4. Chronocrosser

    Well at least Kassie has found something to make her happy for now. And don’t sell yourself short Elim Kassie needs you more then ever. Heck!, you still think of Kassie as a male. Which she probably needs as many people to think as possible for her to maintain that little shred of her former identity she has left.

    • Yeah, Kass’ gender identity issues probably are leading to some serious confusion right now and Elim treating them like he always has provides some solid stability. Seriously, he’s done so much for Kass and is just crazy underestimating his value right now.

      Whatever their gender, or species, Kass is surrounded by people who love him. I think this is going to be a rough road for them, but they’ll get through it.

    • Valsalia

      Between you and chaucer there’s a lotta good observation and theorizin’ here!

  5. I think Lopin is afeared because oysters are an aphrodisiac even to yinglets, and being the sole male, he won’t be able to handle Kass’ s destructive attentions O_o

    heheh jk (hopefully)

    I heard you had a caring and supportive network of friends dawg.
    So we put a caring and supportive network of friensds, WITHIN your caring supportive network of friends! Woo!

    Isher! :3

    • Valsalia

      Anything is possible, via Patreon sketch votes! : D

      • The Phule

        Could I get a drawing of Isher playing Tuba. For… reasons.

  6. Okay, are oysters actually a narcotic for a yinglet, or just a tasty food? Because one will eventually reach a biological satiation point and the other is going to cause some serious metabolic disturbances.

    • Valsalia

      Bit o’ both! Their bodies are set up to extract crazy amounts of nutrition and vitamins from mollusk meat, so their brains give them a reeeally strong “eat these things” pressure via chemical reinforcement.

      • Oh boy… We’re in goldfish eating themselves to death territory aren’t we?

        *Sigh*… See kids, this is why you don’t eat the entire container of Flintstones Chewables. I don’t care how good they taste!

        • Aye! Usually something is so good, that the animal goes for it first. Such as predators and the internal organs. (Mmmm so many vitamins and minerals :3)
          Supplements or an over abundance of liver (for example) are the only times I’ve ever seen or heard of animals aquiring vitamin poisoning.

          But an animal is usually more in tune with their bio chemistry, and will stop eatting once it gets that “yucky” feeling.
          Unless startved. Then they will sometimes eat themselves to death.

          But oysters aren’t so bad. Hell, humans have eatten them by the plateful for generations. And being naturally immune to almost any poison (it seems), I’m sure they filter the excess out or store it in fat or something…

          • tekkalord

            Oysters (and a lot of other critters) actually store a lot of the poisons they ingest in their tissue. It’s called biological magnification. Whatever nasty stuff is in the water that doesn’t kill them, they ingest and concentrate in themselves. It’s why making sure the shellfish comes from an area known to have clean water is so important.

        • KarmikCykle

          Sure, NOW you tell me. Those vitamins were tasty but not worth the stomach pumping.
          (True story, I was about a year and a half old)

  7. Elin is the guy everyone leans on in time of need. He is the emotional support. Thing is, that can become a taxing experience, and takes its toll in the long run. Or worse, the person you are supporting decides to emotionally black mail you by threatening to hurt themselves unless provided attention. Don’t see that last part happening, but it is a risk one takes when in the supporting role.

  8. Millfox

    Inb4 terrible stomach aches and diarrhoea. Lopin, what have you done?!

  9. Lopin is aroused.

  10. mywayorzimbabwe

    NEW PANEL! Also I can relate to how Elim feels in a way… It’s a long stretch of a parallel, but I’ve helped more than one friend to not make a bad decision in using a permanent solution to a temporary problem. For them it was over the phone or in an internet chat room, either way you can have the best intentions in the world, but you still feel so disconnected and incapable; especially when they were there for you in your low moments… It’s a strange one, that feeling.

    I wanted to make a shoutout to Valsalia too, your comic is one of the few things that I have to look forward to amongst the daily mundane of life and occupation. I look forward to every update!

  11. Trilaanus

    Yeow, Kass! Downin’ them oysters like a Skeksis!


    The good Soul gives of himself to others upon all their times of need,
    And with a pure heart, stalwart resolve and open arms, he does not heed,
    That cowardly breed which warns of the dangers and dire consequences,
    Whether Calm among Chaos or the guiding light through the stormy sea,
    By caring for and sharing more, a good Soul he shall forever be.

    That’s you, Elim. That’s you.

  12. Cliff

    I think you made Isher’s face look a little more feminine in these couple panels. I’m liking that, though I still liked Isher before. She’s a charm.

  13. Thekingfish

    this was funny can’t wait for the next one

  14. Windmask

    My word that is harder to watch than someone with dysentery

    • fe2f9ma8

      Yeah. It looks like Lopin lost his appetite–not that it would have mattered at this point.

  15. robin

    Clam Cocaine is some ๐Ÿ‘Œgood๐Ÿ‘Œshit๐Ÿ‘Œ

  16. Saurotitan

    Little clam monster seems like a bold name to call your superior officer within earshot of them, even if they are in a mollusk frenzy. Also, I started reading “Twisted Mirrors”, a comic that reminds me a bit of this one. Just putting it out there, but *cough* crossover *cough*… Oh, sorry, I had a bit of fanboy in my throat.

    • Reynard Wolfe

      Not when you control the clams.

      They’re on the top shelf.

      • Saurotitan

        The clams must flow!

  17. KarmikCykle

    โ€œThe only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. And I knew we’d get into that rotten stuff pretty soon. Probably at the next gas station.โ€

    • NullApostle

      “We can’t stop here. This is bat country.”

  18. BigTuk

    Reminds me of my last trip to an all you can eat seafood buffet. THey needed three tranqs and a tazer to bring me down. Scientists are still trying to figurewhat quantum fold of space my mouth was leading to.

  19. Fortilicious

    So i just discovered this comic and omg so adorable and silly! Very well written too.

  20. LunarScorpion

    Discovered this a few months back and I have loved it ever since. Thank you for making this so much fun to read and for the deep personalities of your characters. It’s the first time I’ve been inspired to draw with a purpose in mind. Expect me on deviantart soon.

    Also, if interested, i could translate your comic into french ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. BigTuk

    You know. The more I look at that last panel the more i can imagine this being someones flashback as to how they lost that finger.

  22. Matriarch Yinglet Kassen Akoll wants Mullosks, Bored Demon Coyo wants updates to web comic, yes. Will donate to Patreon on first of november.

  23. So i wonder how large Kassan’s first litter with Lopin is going to be?

  24. Lude

    nickname: Doctor Rockso, the rock and roll clown. He does clams.

  25. Shunka_Warakin


    This is one of those ‘night before the morning after’ moments.
    The night before the kind of morning where one wakes up,
    wonders where one is,
    wonders who one is (Kass is ahead of the game on that score),
    what the strange taste in one’s mouth is,
    who they’re sleeping with,
    why the sheep is in the corner,
    whose clothing they’re wearing,
    and whether that skull-splitting pounding is just a hangover or the sound of a sheriff with a warrant at the door…

  26. Merroug

    Lopin: I’ve created a monster, unintentionally of cores, but; I’ve created a monster!

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