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OOPs #42
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  1. Thornbrier

    Ohhh, will they be weaving up a nice costume for our dandy yinglet?

    • Valsalia

      Yes! He will be dressed as a nun.

      • Why do I have a feeling that will end up rather strangely for our young Yinglet friend?

      • Villicent

        Between that and the aforementioned maid costume, House Ivenmoth is going to have to install a yinglet-sized catwalk somewhere just so he can show his outfits off properly.

        • Trilaanus

          “I’m too yinglet for this skirt, too yinglet for this skirt, so yinglet it huuurts.”

  2. lMortosl

    Aww, such a cute page.

    • Valsalia

      I know, Elim’s so cute, right?

      Hey, where’s your avatar from?

      • lMortosl

        Well, i used a piece of someone’s line artwork as a base and drew this thing. I’m drawing for only 4 months, so i’m afraid of drawing yinglets for now.

        • SuperTaster

          Oh come now. Draw the yinglets! They will be pleased regardless, and if it is not up to your standards, you can say that he was the Strange Child of the litter. Friends with mister eyelid hand.

          • lMortosl

            Well, one of my rules is: “Dont draw somenthing that you like, if you’re drawing too bad.” So, now i’m drawing something just for practice.

            • Valsalia

              Honestly, that is a very, very good practice. Too many artists-in-training start out wanting to draw the fun stuff that’s in their heads (don’t we all?), and get discouraged by the results. But that kind of art is like wanting to lift a 200lb weight; if that’s what you start on, you’re going to struggle, probably fail, and possibly injure yourself, as it requires weeks of lifting lighter weights again and again before your muscles develop enough to do what you want them to do.

              • Van

                I don’t know, I learned to draw by drawing things that I liked. They kept me motivated and invested in my drawings. I suppose it depends on individual temperments.
                I would note that I started pretty young, so I didn’t have a good grasp on how bad my drawings were at first. I imagine older people learning to draw would be more keenly aware of how bad they suck.
                My advice, regardless of what you are drawing, is to keep trying new things. If you just keep drawing the same things the same way you wont improve much

  3. Riverwolf

    Milk it Lopin!

    • Valsalia

      Dude’s got a built-in sympathy radar

      • Verfor99

        I -KNEW- it! It’s all a sham! That villain, that fiend! That-, that… That CAT!!!

  4. Badviper

    Just as much a hit with the ladies as the yin-men. The little flirt.

  5. Tnomic

    Lil Lopin doesn’t even know why and yet he will most likely get yelled at even more shortly.

    • Valsalia

      The important thing is that he knows a yellin’s a-comin’!

      • Tnomic

        I just thought of this and I never thought to look back through the other comments.. But is it possible for a yinglet to be born without a shelltooth and something resembling a more predatory version of the back teeth?

  6. Badviper

    Additionally, it just occurred to me that Yinglets seem to have colored sclera and no iris. I won’t pretend to be a morphologist, but isn’t this a reptilian feature? It seems the Yinglets are difficult to categorize.

    • Valsalia

      They’re in the unstable grey area from when lizards/birds began showing early mammalian traits, best scientifically categorized as “weird.”

      • Badviper

        Then again, I just reread some of the old pages, and apparently they do have irises. Just transparent ones. Now I feel silly. xD

  7. That is a very attractive atelier your weavers have! I have a close friend whose atelier is setup in a similar way. She tacks her spools to the ceiling with strings, eye bolts and hooks! Do you do any seaming/weaving/knitting/crocheting/etc etc yourself, or are you some finely attuned genius of the arts and crafts?
    Most would have just done the standard (and unattractive) toilet paper style roll attached to the wall, for dispensing media/material. I like your style!

    • suzuki man

      So that is why the furniture is red. Seems there is only one color stocked in the weavers hall in any significant quantity. Where do they get that much red dye? Or is it imported and if so where do they get that much red dye? and what is the trade item for many miles of red cloth?

      • suzuki man

        I don’t like the comment system reply looks like new comment so ^^^^ duplicate.

        But my 2 cents is he is one of those insane geniuses. Sort of like a bond villain but instead of trying to blow up the world he is focusing on torturing a ratbirdladymanperson for our entertainment.

      • Valsalia

        Most of the stuff they make is for Ivenmoth uniforms/decorations, so they have a ton of reds and golds. The original founder of House Ivenmoth chose red as his house color, since there’s an abundance of red dye-plants in the region, and the less they need to import, the better!

        • suzuki man

          Nice! the where does the cloth come from? and how itchy is it?

    • Valsalia

      Haha, naw; I don’t do any physical crafts myself, I just looked at a lot of images of various cultures’ weaving houses around this developmental time period, then adjusted that to fit into Val Salian culture. Glad you appreciate the details!

      • Your attention to detail and the care you have for your work are why I enjoy your works so much. I do hope Kass’ s experience opens his eyes to Isher’s feelings. Though your short about the kindly merchant who was transformed into a yinglet, makes me think this form for Kass may be permanent. Poor Isher! I hope she isn’t shallow and stops crushing (literally and figuratively) on him. Can’t wait to see what story you weave

  8. Jadriam

    Lopin’s hat will make a recovery right? It seem Lopin will survive… but can he truly survive without his fancy hat?

    • not_me

      or maybe… he’ll get a fancy new *Ivenmozh* hat!

  9. Dupe Rex

    I like that the weaver’s guild apparently has sewn on patch epaulets. Do they have different colors and styles to denote rank?

  10. suzuki man

    So that is why the furniture is red. Seems there is only one color stocked in the weavers hall in any significant quantity. Where do they get that much red dye? Or is it imported and if so where do they get that much red dye? and what is the trade item for many miles of red cloth?

    • Van

      Where do they get that much red dye? From the blood of their enemies of course!

      Seriously though, it’s probably pigment gathered from bruisegrass outbreaks. The stuff is native to the region and spreads rapidly. It’s currently controlled by a different house than House Ivenmoth, but House Talleraine’s focus is on drug production, so Ivenmoth probably buys up the unused waste to create their dyes.


      • Van

        I guess I shouldn’t really call it an outbreak, the stuff is farmed in a controlled manner, usually.

  11. Krydos

    I don’t know if you’ve been drawing Cass more feminine lately or if I’m just starting to register her as a female mentally, but I can really see it in this page. Keep up the good work, still in love with this story!

    • Van

      The close-ups on this page lets you get a good look at Kass’ feminine eyelashes, which is a major indicator that a “cartoon” character is female.
      Other than that, Kass’ hair has been getting longer at an astounding rate. It’s grown something like 4 inches in three days. Many pages ago it even abruptly grew a foot or two between pages, before Val corrected it. I would guess that Val has a long-haired design for Kass ready that he’s very eager to get out the gate.

      • Van

        Kass’s muzzle has also been getting longer though, which is an indication of masculinity in yinglets. It seems to be due to Val’s evolving art style more than anything else.
        I personally prefer the smaller snout and ears that Kass originally ended up with, but I think I’m also the only one that cares.

  12. Trilaanus

    New page! Hurray! Now I can say I read this comic when it comes out as this is my first new page that I have had the pleasure of reading for some time since the last one.

  13. fe2f9ma8

    Ha! The blond seamstress certainly knows the feeling of being yelled at by a mean ol’ ying-lady without knowing why. That Lopin’s got quite some luck and/or skill at finding a sympathetic audience.

  14. Celeste Shamrock

    Lopin appears to be a higher-order yinglet. His preference for fancy attire and ability to manipulate the sympathies of others indicates a cunning he masks with perpetual victim-hood. I suspect the dandy male will in fact be a cunning Machiavellian scav with ambitions of global domination or at least, a steady meal ticket. :)

  15. CheshyOne

    With the might of the Weavers’ Hall behind him, Lopin will be even FANCIER now.
    He might even be… the Fanciest.

  16. ferus

    they look like tiny sergals o.o

  17. Hazelwolf

    Ok, I am officially in love with this series. Money in the hat is well deserved as I can’t wait to see more.

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