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OOPs #56
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  1. Lunar Crest

    A new page!!

    • Valsalia

      No, it just looks and sounds like one!

      • “100% pure illusion away, guaranteed to remove illusions.”

        • Verfor99

          Pretend to get yours NOW!

          • It looks just like the last page only everything is different.

      • JaC

        Have you been getting messages through Patreon or the email link?

  2. Makeshifty

    YES a new page!

  3. taburde

    Pretty Lad Lopin wanted thooooooooose!

    But seriously, I really like panel 3. Haven’t seen anything like that so far, with askew perspecive like that, and it’s really cool. One problem though; Kass’s thumb is backwards in it.

    • Deedes

      Actually it’s the left hand and the thumb is pointing outwards, but the unichrome coloring in that spot is making it look like it is not.

  4. Hey a new page yay! Oh panel one Kass says than instead of zhan in ze zhird word bubble. Also I have had clams, I found zhem… interesting.

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Somebody please code-up a yingletized spellchecker!

  5. Dawnk41

    …This put’s Lopin’s selflessness in an even better light! He gave those to Khass because she NEEDED THEM MORE!
    Good little fancy rat lad, yes!~

    • David Argall

      Lopin is male. Khass is female. He is hoping to be very well rewarded for those oysters. No matter what his IQ, that is what he is thinking, even if he can’t think.

      & Khass is likely wise to at least count it as a point in his favor. Yinglet eggs and young seem to need considerable care and Lopin is showing himself as possibly willing to make the needed sacrifices.

  6. I love oysters! No shame in that, Kass.

    • But liking clams? That’s an intolerable abomination!

  7. Chronocrosser

    Beter get some more oysters from the kitchen Kassie, and don’t forget to get extra so you can share some with Lopin.

  8. HUZZAH! Encyclopedia Britannica ( aka the “Val Salia Ran-I-C-A”) is an amazing wealth of information and nutrients for the brains meats!

    Now if only Kass had the condiments to classy those oysters up with some butter and tabasco, he would be cooking!

    • P.S. any day seeing Isher is a good day :3

  9. Thornbrier

    Woot! New page and I was right (see my comment at the top of the last page to see what I was right about).

  10. Field Command

    So this is a wonderful story you have here, and I am really enjoying this, which you released more pages more often.

    but I have to asked. have you base the Yinglets on this thing?

    and I have taken inspiration from the Yinglets to make my own playable race in Dungeon and dragons called Flewdu xD


  11. Ancaladar

    I absolutely love this series, and I’m always excited when a new one comes out. I guess we’ll see what happens to a yinglet when they go on an oyster binge?

    Oh, and Kass pronounces a “th” word in the first panel, just to let you know.

  12. fe2f9ma8

    Man, Lopin would have been so mad at Kass if Kass had through the oysters out the window.

    Also: such self-sacrifice on Lopin’s part! He’s earned himself some proper respect!

  13. Riverwolf

    This reminds me of a Sci Fi book from the 70’s. On the newly colonized planet of Zarathrusta humans found a race of little tiny furry primitives. The Fuzzes loved to eat human survival food bars. They called it “good food” and would make sure everybody in the tribe ate some. It turned out that the bars were made in a factory using Titanium cooking pots and cooking sheets. Titanium was a trace element that was necessary to the Fuzzes diet and they could not get enough from the local environment. Why you ask? Because it turned out the the Fuzzes were the descendants of colonists who landed centuries ago on Zarathrusta and because if the lack of titanium they suffered high mortality rates and stunted growth. Hmmmm. Yinglets are the new kids on the block…………

    • Trilaanus

      Ah, H. Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy series. Classic.

  14. Trilaanus

    Waiting for Lopin to become the founder of a Yinglet cult that worships blue oysters…

  15. fe2f9ma8

    Haha! Today’s NYT:
    Oysters: A Love Story

  16. If Kass could patent and invent yinglet scuba gear… Elim-Kass Oyster Co. could become a powerhouse business empire!

  17. The Northwind Howling

    I wish I could enjoy anything as much as yinglets enjoy oysters. Also, as someone whose primary artistic talent revolves around gratuitously over-detailed swords, I love yet remain envious of your facial expressions. Lopin’s semi-perpetual despair amuses me.

  18. Joshua John

    Did the Yinglets ever develop cooking were they take other healthy food stuffs like potatoes, onions, cabbage, garlic, chicken/turkey ect.. then cook or marinate it with oysters to then increase there nutrition/calorie count while satiating there primal need thus making more food available?

    Like how sugar, salt and fat is highly reworded in humans because they were hard to find resources at one time. Or were cooking with fire double the size of the human ancestor brain while reducing the size of the stomach by half.

    • Joshua John

      Sorry for spelling mistakes. My human brain is rewarded for consuming the fermented liquid of grains.

  19. Jester

    Calling it – Kass is totally gonna go crazy and stress-binge on oysters.

  20. Darkstripe

    Oysters are the sheet cake (and grilled cheese sandwiches) of yinglets.

    • Sheet cake! Yes! I miss all the fun pastries I used to get to eat around the world.
      I am currently craving (now like mad, thanks for that btw :b) this chocolate layered sheet cake that had a cocoa coffee mousse and a kind of gelatian (agar?) top with a heavy coffee flavor.

      Looks simple and rather generic, but veeery good :3

      • TvTropesgotmehooked

        Hahaha, laughing at your comment below you just posted. :)
        Eat that cake bro!

  21. WalterGomezAKAChochi

    The oysters are gone…WHY ARE THE OYSTERS GONE?!!!

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Shup-up Chochi, we all know it was you who ate them.
      Didn’t even save me a single shrimp either.

      • WalterGomezAKAChochi

        Ocean Food for the Food Chain!
        FINDERS-KEEPERS, CHAP!!! >:v

        • TvTropesgotmehooked

          I suppose it’s my fault for showing up at the beach late…
          Well, at least the seaweed-wrapped lobster was good.
          Really wanted those oysters though. D:

  22. Daremo

    Still not feeling sorry for Cass. She still has the human attitude of looking down on the yinglets because she keeps using the human’s derogatory name for them. She’s going through heavy cognitive dissonance and there is no way to rationalize it away. So she has to stop looking down on them as if she were better than they are, especially as she is now walking in their shoes as it were, and realize that she treated them unfairly, even if all the other humans and beings were doing it too. We know that male human Cass would chase away female yinglet Cass if she came to him for help.

    • Daremo

      Yes, she has come to terms with some aspects, but only begrudginly.

      • Sylvrwolflol

        Is that really unrealistic? Many works, this one included, use differences in species as a figurative stand-in for racial issues that have existed in the real world since time immemorial. Kass is having to re-learn everything that he thought he knew, and… well… privilege runs deep.

      • TvTropesgotmehooked

        We all stereotype and most of us learn to overcome a majority of them.
        Hnnnsuch is lifffe.

        • Stereotyping has it’s flaws. It’s why I am more partial to monotyping myself.
          Its quite eye catching and makes an artist use the media in a different way than they are used to.

          • Sylvrwolflol

            You’re a card XD

  23. WingedD20

    aw Lopin

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