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OOPs #50
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  1. Some Anon

    Hooray, update! I was gonna discuss it on the 4chan thread, but the thread got deleted within a few minutes of being posted. Some mod seems to hate you I guess.

    Don’t know why, but a Baxxid wearing a wig is hilarious.

    • Valsalia

      Yeah, there’s a new mod that’s been nuking anything that isn’t Marvel, DC, or Samurai Jack threads

      Long, healthy threads have still been popping up in http://boards.4chan.org/trash/ , though.

      • Another Anon

        Yeah, It’s annoying, but they’ll hopefully change their minds about it at some point.
        Here’s the current /trash/ threads for people who want to find it without wading through furry porn: http://boards.4chan.org/trash/thread/9349860#p9349860
        All are welcome, But you’ll have to be quick. They don’t stay up for long.

        • TvTropesgotmehooked

          Thanks. I was wondering why there weren’t any new archived threads, that were easy to find anyway. This comic is the only time I ever look into 4.

          Beizel is mentioned… 😀

      • TvTropesgotmehooked

        *sigh* And it’s gone. There were some gems in there; OOPs shouldn’t be stuck in /trash because some new mod in /co hates it.
        Was great to see the patreon pics for free. 😛 They were SFW (talking to [Van]), and pretty funny IMO. The one with Isher attempting to braid Yannit’s hair was hilarious; no, I didn’t save them. I’m considering becoming a patron anyway, because really good stories deserve cash.

      • Bagged Milk

        As much as some of the fanbase for OOP might hate it, Reddit could be a good place for discussions right now.

  2. hardworkingunicorn

    The wig that launched a thousand ships. Or, well, at least half a dozen new ones, anyway. We need more of this, much more.
    In fact, flirty girlybaxxid is so distracting I almost didn’t notice the lovely details on this page like Varakses’ nonfunctional(?) eye.

    • Valsalia

      He took a hard one back in the day!

      • I can’t resist.

        “How hard was it!?”

        • Michael

          Hard as a bone, maybe…

          • Hahahaha! *applause*

            “Out Of Placers is filmed before a live studio audience.”

  3. Anon

    Haha Humanboo Baxxid. Wonder if she and Lopin will start a humanboo club together and talk about cute guys.

    • stevepusser

      Don’t leave Yannit out of that club–her fascination with humans is the reason she’s in town, after all.

  4. Ben

    Who is Viracroix’s bride-to-be? I must know!
    Also I now ship Viracroix and Kuldra. Now excuse me while I think of a cute portmanteau to call this ship.

    • Strv 103D

      Browsing through the pages again I only just noticed back in page 1-3, when they were discussing their respective wars, there was a lady in a hood with red hair and a baby that did not say a word. It’s another total WAG, but the Indrel would be a good place to hide someone, considering how little people know about that territory and Val Salias relatively easy access to them. Also for the portmanteau, Vidra perhaps?

      • David Argall

        Hmm, she does seems a bit odd as just scenery. And there is a comment about the story being deep… So there is a chance we will see her again. Odds are pretty heavy against it, but …

  5. I sense a running theme of inter-species romance in this comic.

    • Trilaanus

      I’ve always wanted to write something called “Interspecies Dating: Aaaarrrgh!” as a comedic human among aliens story.

    • Valsalia

      Surely you are mistaken!

      • I make no mistakes! I have the bestial eye. Or was it the eye of bestiality…? Either way I found it in a dragon.

  6. First there was Lopin. Then there was Ran. Now, we have Kuldra, the Bone Wyrm who is seriously into personification!

    *Starts the slow clap* Way to out do yourself Val! I had to dictionary.com that word to figure out how to describe Baxxids

    • Reread that previous message, came as sarcastic instead of complimentary. Seriously though, you are inclusive of LGBT in your TF/TG story. Going so far to have one of your cast page members represent, all the while their sexuality is just another feature about the character instead of all they are about.

      Oh, new head Canon. Kuldra is going to join our rag tag band of misfits, due to (her?) love of humans. I think (she?) is going to get along great with Yannit!

    • Valsalia

      What can I say, Kuldra gonna Kuld

      • Well, if a Baxxid can shave its bone growth and dress up to look more human, the same can be said about making the Baxxid look less human. *furiously sketches a Baxxid that is a furry* and add a tail on a belt, and belissimo!

  7. PrettyFly4AWiFi

    That cracked eye is kinda of eerie looking. Also who could say no to such a fair maiden?

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      I’m calling him “lefty”. Poor guy ran into a chunk of quartz or a diamond or something.

      • Lug Nut

        Kind of reminds me of a mantis eye that becomes damaged, imho

  8. WalterGomezAKAChochi

    I concur: How utterly and preposterously scandalous affair!!!


  9. Trilaanus

    And in my head I’m already constructing an elaborate Lando Calrissian-style backstory for the human in the lower right of the first panel.

    • Valsalia

      It’s like he became Jabba the Hutt’s live-in butler, but if Jabba was a pretty good employer who offered reasonable salary and benefits.

      • Trilaanus

        Benefits including a minifridge with a constant, cold supply of Koltt 42s.

  10. Cannonfodder

    To be fair to Kuldra, there does appear to be species in this world that can and have interbred with humanity. However, Baxxid are defiantly not one of them. It would be like a monkey trying to do it with a komodo dragon. It just ain’t gonna happen.

    • Valsalia

      You got it!

    • Thirtyeight

      As if thats going to stop star-crossed lovers! Where there is desire, there will be attempts.

  11. Crowbar

    That flow bow thing is just too cute.

    • Crowbar


  12. The unknown

    So this Kuldra who I’m goning to assume is a girl until told otherwise has a weird fascination with humans? Also why a wig? Dose it secretly wish to be human or just for fashion choice? Becouse that looks irritating on the eyes but then again sense the other is cracked I guess it means there eyes are more stronger then a humans

    Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to take a break when need to

  13. fe2f9ma8

    My guess is that Viracroix’s bride-to-be is the noble girl in black from the Intermission. The marriage plans must be put on hold, however, until the girl turns 18.

    … Actually, who are we kidding? This is a quasi-medieval setting. Viracroix is waiting for the girl to turn 16.

    • David Argall

      While the girl in black is possible in general, age would not be the likely reason for delaying the wedding. A common medieval attitude was “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”, and the lass seems well past that point. You can check Romeo & Juliet, where she is not yet 14, and in danger of being an old maid, her mother having already been a mother by that age. In political cases [and the trademaster’s marriage is going to have a major political aspect], the lady didn’t even need to be 4.
      The trademaster said she needed time, which normally means something like “rejecting a wonderful catch like me means she is crazy, but there is hope she will recover, so I can wait a bit.” Really just a matter of her “recovering” from whatever “disease” she is suffering from. That doesn’t limit her age to much closer than somewhere between 4 and 40.
      Now one mark against “Miss Night” is that we see her alone with 3 males. That may not be as “dangerous” as alone with one, but when being #1’s main squeeze is on the line, almost no parent or guardian would want to take that chance. She would be “escorted” at all times by those determined to be wet blankets.
      Of course, we see her only briefly. The escort may have felt a call of nature and been off-camera during that time. So we can’t rule her out. But the main reason to deem her a leading candidate is that we have seen so few others.

  14. TvTropesgotmehooked

    I’d like to know what the blue things with green are, phosphorescent fauna maybe? Or a skylight of sorts?

    • Marshall

      I’d say they’re more likely a type of fluorescent rock going by shape. Although my understanding of them is limited to what I have seen in the mineral exhibits in that they glow/reflect a light source, not themselves.

  15. robin

    This is just incredible… They all look as if they’re something out of James Cameron’s alien movies yet the way you portray their behaviors so adorably is just amazing 😀 love your work!

  16. Kaydrien Iceclaw

    … And the shipping charts get more complicated XD

  17. TvTropesgotmehooked

    Yinglets *smeck*
    Baxxids *WHACK*

    • and yet the WHACK only solicited a “ohohohoho~” chuckle as if to happily discover a button one can push after getting a punch to the shoulder

      • TvTropesgotmehooked

        I imagine they can’t feel pain unless either a bone is fractured, or one of their well-protected ‘ligaments’ is damaged. Or an eye or the inside of their mouths of course. A human could whack a baxxid with a 2×4 for an hour and the beast would likely just politely ask the person to stop.

        Also, nice to see you around here again. :)

        • pezwolf

          Never really left, per se, as I come to vote at least once or twice a day for TWC. Just haven’t been posting as much due to having a lot of projects going on elsewhere. Plus I overthink things and often feel I cross boundaries, but ya know…

          That being said, your description sounds to me like a person using small arms fire against mechanized armoured infantry. “Oh, that’s cute. Here, let me show you how it’s done” *WHACK*

          • TvTropesgotmehooked

            “…I overthink things and often feel I cross boundaries, but ya know…”
            No man, we need more speculation and weird questions! I’m pre-writing an ‘essay’ for the next time a yinglet shows up. Too many people seem stuck on the topic of ying-boobs, well I have a few theories I tell you what… 😉

            Earlier I was going to mention a scene from District 9 where one of the aliens is shot at from a pistol and it just gave a look like “what, you have my attention now, what were you saying?”
            Really makes one wonder what they were running from.

            • Hola essay / TvT! You done any revisions to it since you initially wrote it up, or was the primary also the final?

              And I may have to rewatch that film again, but it does sound like their exoskeleton was a bit like plate armor. Though their joints were rather weak. I remember the one getting jointed like a cow being proxessed into beef. Then eatten 3:

              Hey Pez!

  18. ncolbyt

    I guess every species has a Lopin…

  19. Icarus

    That laughter, combined with the bagpipe comparison, makes for a wonderfully delightful sound. Like a bag of geese.

  20. Teether

    I can only imagine what its like to be a servant to something so alien. Must be a hellavah job taking care of an giant expressionless bone snake.

  21. Cliff

    First, girlybaxxid is so cute. Love her crush on the human, though that might just be posturing to get a rise out of Varakses. Second, he’s so polite to his servants. Good on him for that. Third, I am intrigued that Varakses has mentioned in this page and the last one about Viracroix being “patient” with the Baxxid. I hope you elaborate upon why he feels that way. This entire comic really leads me to think that humans in this world are like unto the elves in Lord of the Rings in terms of level technological and (perhaps) civilized advancement, compared to the rest of the newly nascent sentient creatures.

    • Valsalia

      Haha; that is in fact a major theme of this story; how humans might appear to newly-developed intelligent species, which has a lot of similarities to elves, what with the “cultured, accomplished ancients with a lot of amazing skills and cities” and all that.

  22. Winged one

    WHACK, gotta remember humans aren’t as tough as Baxxid.

  23. Transient

    These bugnsakes are goddamn adorable. I’m glad that they’re getting more attention.

    I’m also really curious as to whether the story behind that cracked eye of Varakses will be addressed at some point in the future. He’s an interesting character that I hope to see a lot more of.

    Also, alternate-universe Kass who became a baxxid and bickers with an overbearing Varakses. It’s on my mind…

  24. Top left corner of panel one :
    Is that a Baxxid guard? Or just a regular baxxid hanging out in a baxxid style, wall bunk bed?

    • Kuldra’s arms remind me of a futurama quote :
      “What are those? Hooks? Get outta here ya hookers!”

      And getting whacked across her middle eyes? Thats a tough gal! (And makes the question of the elder’s eye more curious…)

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      Haha, I’m for baxxid bunk bed.

  25. Saurotitan

    I just found out you did art with addictive science, a comic I started reading the same time as yours while visiting Washington DC. How crazy is that?

  26. Jadriam

    Baxxids….. Oh no they’re -even more adorable- than i thought!

  27. MStover

    Once again, I do not like bug like creatures. Yet you some how make them really cute without actually trying to make them cute. Though I can’t help but wonder what a Baxxid and human relationship would look like or even function. I guess we’ll find out someday.

  28. Michael

    Some Baxxid seem to habe quite the understanding of the human psyche. I wonder if that is the case for some humans as well. Is Kuldra a cosplaying fangirl, kind of serious, just mocking Viracroix who has some real crush? Who knows.

    • Michael

      sorry, not viracroix it should have been Varaxes in the last post

    • TvTropesgotmehooked

      I like the thought that Kuldra might be trolling Varaxes. That’s funny.

  29. TvTropesgotmehooked

    Okay, Lusty Argonian Maid just became interesting to me…

  30. Steve dallape

    These so called hack sites all seem to be nothing but ad scams! You always get directed to a ‘verification’ that makes you sign up for a bunch of junk… then you still get nothing!

  31. For some reason I can’t help but picture some Baxxid to be ridiculously enamored with the idea of servants with hands, and coming up with increasingly ridiculous ways to engage with them.

    ” Jeeves! Solve this Rubix Cube for me!”

  32. Funny thing. I heard there are a very few niche baxxids who have had their arm bone growths carved into posed human hand style forms! ( Think street fighter action figures, and you got it. )
    They have an open grip that allows for the holding of drinking glasses AND for placement on the chin. (For that deep in thought contemplative look)
    That’s actually the reason the female has hooks at the ends of her arms. Use of items, but too poor to afford the fancy human bone sculpturers.

    A little giant moth told me all this.

  33. Loin

    It seems like someone who carves cameos cold make quite a bit on humanist baxxids. A humanish face could be useful in dealing with humans, or it could be far to uncanny valley. Cold also be great for regular decorations. Sitting for as long as a lovely scene wold take to carve and polish would be a pain but could beworth it to the right person

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