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OOPs #61
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  1. Trilaanus

    Wahooo! New chapter! With a Yinglet Ninja! I am looking forward to more about this character/organization.

    Now, at some point, I want to see an “Ask A (Yinglet) Ninja” segment! (If anyone else remembers that web series…)

    • MajestNick

      That series got old quick. Maybe we could get an information page would be written in the same style.

    • Valsalia

      There have been yinglet ninjas in every page so far, you just couldn’t see them!

      • Conspiracy terrorist

        Ah! ah! I knew those where not “bavure” on the walls edges but yinglet vibrisse

  2. NullApostle

    Thank you very much.

    Sneaky Yinglet ninja! Ehem, I mean scout, of course.

    In all serious, I do wonder how competent Yinglet spies are. On the one hand, people tend to ignore Yinglets, allowing hem to go about practically invisible, on the other hand they’re not very smart and easily distracted. I guess only the smarter ones are recruited for “sensitive” work.

    • Krahazik

      I imagine Yinglet spies as being the rare ones that are cleaver and very competent. The work would tend to weed out the incompetent and stupid pretty quickly. I would hazard that there are not many though due to aforementioned typical traits of Yinglets. Course, that does give a bonus to the successful spy in that no one would suspect them of even existing.

      • Bundit

        It would think that nature will weed out the incompetent and stupid pretty quickly from everything, but so far yinglets are winning.

      • Atzy

        That guy always radiated quiet competence

    • Valsalia

      It’s one of the few things they’re fairly naturally good at! They just have to be told how to shut up.

    • BigTuk

      Well we’re seeing that Yinglets, aren’t always as dumb as others make them out to be. WHich probably makes it easier for the smart ones. A No one would pay attention to a yiunglet skulking about with their big ears and beady eyes. They would just assume, the yinglet is looking for something tasty or shiny, or too stupid understand , or too absent minded to remember.

      It’s kind of why it’s like howbilinguals chat in another language and don’t really care if others hear because they know you can’t understand them.

  3. someguy

    When kass told looping about him being human looping acepter that notion without questioning it. Perhaps loopin knows something vizlet doesnt

    • KathYohneke

      more likely he wasnt clever enough to realize it was something to question. After all, he is a yinget, a species well established as brightness is the minority.

      Kass probably could have convinced the fancy skav the he was once anything just because he seems smarter than the average yinget.

    • Valsalia

      Lopin is loopy

  4. And the fleet grows again.

    Seriously, though, now I want to see what their genes would do together. What’re the chances of younglets as clever as their parents?

    • MajestNick

      Him and Kass too.

    • Valsalia

      More than a few of them have ended up in Beizel’s scout corps, unsurprisingly.

  5. VIZLET! I have been waiting to see her again. <3

    • Same!

    • Valsalia

      And he has been waiting to be seen.

      • Justme

        you mean ‘she’ yes?

        • Well if you don’t tell anyone else, I’ll let you in on the secret.
          This story is about Vizlet.
          She eventually became so successful, she lost her joy in life and set off to form a NEW enclave.
          But she couldn’t risk being found out, so she bleached her skin, cut off her hair, bought a wig, and got an artisan to craft her some coloured contacts. Remember, this is to remain just between you and I

          • ThaMojster

            Is this true or just headcanon? because if its true that adds a lot more to this and i love it.

            • Wa-Wa-What?! You can read what I wrote? Oh no! I shouldn’t have said anything… u-u-uhhh how do I delete it? Avert your eyes!
              ((I hope no one else can see this)) o///o

            • stevepusser

              Not canon. Also theory is inconsistent with Vizlet’s desire to get human knowledge and initial resistance to believe that a transformation was even possible.

              • (Can everyone read these messages I place here? I’m so embarrassed!)
                Of course its not a cannon. Cannons have balls. Vizlet doesn't.
                Exhibit A : "Vizlet" may be aware of a magic slime ball, but talking about "magic crystals" in a world of science is just nuts.
                Besides, after Vizlet's transformation from a merchant, she probably had every yinglet lie to her about being a previous human and just asumes they all have some sort of delusions of grandeur (or prior humanity) and she is now sick of it.

                Matter of fact, that's probably why she changed her identity and left. Having yinglets coming up to her every day going "Well I used to be a human too, miss I make numbers dance on paper! I should be matriarch"

                Vizlet then setup one of her apprentices as matriarch and went and setup this enclave around a fellow merchant she heard wouldnt reject her objective and may even help her out.

                Vizlet is one smart prior human!

                • I just like stitching facts together. Is it a possibility Vizlet is a prior human? Yes. Is it a fact? Nope! Could be though.
                  Makes one wonder about the stuff used to transform yinglets. Like if the one that changed Kass is the crystalized form of the stuff that changed Cairo. And is it farmed or manufactured? Does the quality of transformation change based on the type used? Hmmm…

  6. MajestNick

    Its nice to see a smarter Patriarch. It also seems like he knows that his brain makes him hot genetic material.

    • Thornbrier

      At least hot to this particular matriarch. Who knows how many other matriarchs are valuing the physically strong or the inventors of strange dangers, or the quick of feet rather than of mind.

    • Valsalia

      It pays to be smart in modern society.
      It pays even more to be smart in a primitive society!

  7. Chronocrosser

    Oh yeah! When your a a male Yinglet you have to either be very good at a job, have a physical trait worth passing, or be very clever to get some sexy female Yinglet sex for yourself. Luckaly for Beizel he is all three. I’m honestly not sure if he means Vizlet’s breeding schedule or the schedule she makes for the girl’s. If he mean’s the former watch out Kasie not even the matriarch can keep you away from the clan’s male Yinglet’s forever. Sooner or later she will have to do her female duty to the clan.

    Here’s hoping Kasie will be have come to accept it when she has to start her breeding schedule.

    • MajestNick

      Vizlet stated she wouldn’t use her power as Matriarch to force Kass to mate.

      • KathYohneke

        and you believe her? she did have her wear the international yinget ‘mate me’ symbol in his introduction to their society after all!

        • FennecFyre

          If anyone wanted to mate with Kass, they would need to get through his friends first, and I don’t think Elim would let his bro become a ho. Neither would Isher I imagine, and she could probably do some serious damage to a yinglet.

          • MajestNick

            Not only that but Kass was human and works for the trademaster. He’s basically got any rights to Kass as a citizen by default, and just to be sure he’s spending a fortune for her. She’s got quite the debt to him right now.

    • Valsalia

      Well all I’m gonna say is that various yinglets may or may not mate with each other sometime in the next 40 years

      • MajestNick

        Set sail for the land of the mixed genepool!

        • Chronocrosser

          I’ll take that as a maybe it will happen.

  8. mywayorzimbabwe

    Two whole panels 9 days apart, I like this! Not to mention a new character specializing in clandestine operations, competently to boot! I don’t think most of the others in the enclave could manage something like this…

    • MediaGoat

      Its the end of times!

    • Valsalia

      This is the sort of speed I’d like to keep up full-time, so hopefully that’ll be the case once I get finished moving!

  9. Thornbrier

    I love that smart ass response, “Not knowing things is not my job.” It just feels so much better than the typical, “Knowing things is my job.”

  10. fe2f9ma8

    Ivenmoth is either pretty leaky, or else yinglet spycraft is much better than I would have expected!

    Unless Viracroix is just feeding Vizlet the information he wants her to hear. You know what they say …

    “A government is the only known vessel that leaks from the top.” –James Reston

  11. hentai maniac

    why is this on so many hentai websites???

    • Aceotaku

      because sexy, sexy yinglets

    • FennecFyre

      Come for the transformation fetish, stay for the excellent writing and worldbuilding.

      • Nnelg

        Funnily enough, it’s the other way around for me. Same for EGS, in fact.

        • Nnelg

          Well, minus the “excellent” part.

    • Valsalia

      I dunno, but if it means people end up back here, I’m all for it!

  12. BigTuk

    Why Vizlet. Is that a blush?
    Ninja skills for the win.

  13. WalterGomezAKAChochi

    Lippie’s hardworking is proud inducing!
    Also, Vizlet pays her favors with free spots in schedules…SCANDALOUS!!!!

    • Valsalia

      Hey, politickin’s all about exchanging favors! And also sometimes banging the queen

      • WalterGomezAKAChochi

        What’s the market price for free spots in schedules? I’ll buy all her free spots!!!

      • fe2f9ma8

        “Hey, politickin’s all about exchanging favors! And also sometimes banging the queen”

        Yeah, I saw that episode of Game of Thrones.

  14. Riverwolf

    Not so much a Ninja; rather a spy master. I’m Bond; Yinglet Bond and I like my oysters shaken not fried.

  15. Man… Now I’m worried about Vizlet. Paying one’s favors with sex tends to not end well in human societies, though for yinglets it could be completely different.

    Although, if these two genuinely like each other and the power imbalance isn’t super sharp (the hierarchy here is kind of confusing), I could see them making a cute couple.

    As for the meta plot, I’m not sure what to make of it right now. If zat zhing is a known commodity in some yinglet communities (as the bonus pages indicate) I would imagine that this information is being kept from Vizlet… and perhaps our spy master knows this.

    • Auraknight

      it’s not really paying favors, that’s just how the society works. you do good, stand out, you get to pass on to hopefully produce other stand-outs, do-goods. He’s just casually putting his hat in the top of the ring to be picked by knowing about it.

    • Valsalia

      Even they’re often confused about the power balance sometimes!

  16. Also, are their lesbian yinglets? Such a thing could be used as a bonding experience for the tribe’s ladies.

  17. joel

    how old kass is in the yinqlet form??

  18. Saurotitan

    sly scavenger guy is being fly. Also, creepy to know the breeding schedule from a human perspective, but I guess different species and cultures have different views.

    • Valsalia

      It’s more or less like “what are your plans for the weekend” to them, much more casual and duty-oriented in most cases!

  19. Daetrin

    So, Beizel is the most dangerous Yinglet we’ve seen yet. At his first appearance I marked him as Worth Watching, because his three sentences told us a lot.

    “I sense you are not terribly impressed.” – He’s not so overwhelmed by the presence of a female that he forgets to do actual analysis of attitudes and body language. Given the rest of the patriarchs (and other Yinglets in general) that’s no small thing.

    “That is probably for the best.” – He has a realistic and wide-context understanding of exactly where Yinglets are and how far they have to go. Given this scene here that’s probably because he’s Vizlet’s partner-in-crime, above and beyond any of the other Patriarchs.

    “Welcome home.” – He’s the only one who says this, and it shows that he cares for his subjects (…I’m sure there’s better words but Yinglet society is kinda weird compared to ours) on a personal level.

    So far as spying on Ivenmoth, the fact that he can wrangle useful information out of Yinglets and get them to focus on actually gathering it is probably more astounding than Yings hearing things they shouldn’t – their senses seem to be a fair bit sharper than human ones (hearing, especially) so it wouldn’t be unusual for humans to underestimate them.

    So Beizel is not only intelligent, he’s empathetic and socially adept. And he’s pretty clearly in love with Vizlet. Which means he’s capable of anything when it involves her. His competence is a given, since he’s a Patriarch, and he seems younger than the others (aside from Narklet) at that.

    Also, props to the author for conveying all of these things in two widely-spaced comic pages.

    • Valsalia

      Aw yeah, that’s some good subtext-readin’ there! And yes, it’s often more about what’s written between the lines than in them so to speak.

    • Starphoenix

      I sort of picked him out to be one of the ones to watch out for, being Patriarch of what is essentially homeland security/Yinglet Intelligence. You tend to not be in such a position without being at least cunning enough to fake it.

  20. robin

    This notion of “breeding schedule” is so weird…

    a little hot tho

  21. Also, can we talk about how adorable Lippie is? I want to see the comic where she gets a pony.

  22. Jadriam

    How is Lippie so adorable without even being present? HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT HAPPEN?!?

  23. plankboy

    Something about Vizlet’s blush that makes my heart flutter.

  24. CyberTwin

    Daaaaaaaamn, Beizel just sliding into that breeding schedule.
    It’s somewhat worrying that a fictional ratbird has more game than I do.

  25. Shadotterdan

    Given how smart Vizlet is, and how rare that seems to be in the Yinglet genepool I wouldn’t be suprised if she takes every opportunity she can to have more children, especially with males that show intellect themselves

  26. Crystal Alchemist

    There’s a serious kerfuffle going in with Patreon’s service fees, one that comes at a bad time for you. I wanted to assure you that although I’ve cancelled my pledge, I’ll simply change to a yearly paypal donation if Patreon doesn’t renege.

  27. Hoosier Pilgrim

    While Vizlet said she wouldn’t exercise her right as matriarch to force Kassen to join her enclave, she said nothing about not trying to convince Kassen to join up of her own free will while relying on Yinglet biological urges to win the day. Backing Kass into a corner at this point would just be counterproductive if Vizlet wants to “secure her good-natured cooperation” to quote Viracroix. Also, on a more practical basis, she’s smart enough to realize that trying to force Kass into the enclave (with all that implies, including a spot on the mating roster) before Kass achieves true acceptance of her new species and gender would be far more trouble than it’s worth as it would be severely disruptive both to Kass’s state of mind and the delicate power balance within the enclave itself. Remember, Vizlet was able to spot Kass’s “acceptance” speech as a form of denial from a mile off. Deciding not to force Kass now does not mean Vizlet doesn’t hope to win her in the long run.

    I suspect Vizlet, with her sharp eye for opportunity, may view Kass as a potential Lieutenant and possibly even a potential successor, but above all else a potential protege. None of her other girls show anything like Kass’s potential. Even if she never does get to claim Kass for her own enclave I suspect she would definitely consider a chance to plant a mini Yinglet enclave in the heart of Ivenmoth under an allied matriarch a stellar opportunity. And if Kass does implode mentally during her transition the resulting wreckage will be Viracroix’s problem, not hers. Kass’s natural leadership among her fellow exiles means she’s already a mini-matriarch of sorts already, even though only one of her followers is an actual Yinglet. In fact, given her demonstrated ability to plot on multiple levels, I suspect Vizlet’s assigning pretty-boy Lopin to be Kass’s assistant to be as much a means to gauge (or even enhance) Kass’s ability to truly embrace female Yinglet-hood as a way to keep him safe and available as a potential resource or witness while she unravels whatever mess he’s gotten himself mixed up in.

    • MajestNick

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Having a inner city matriarch that can raise yinglet children in her own way as a move to start a new enclave would work wonders for advancement of thier culture and knowledge. Not only that but the other yinglets might not want to start policing Kass immediately, when they finally find out, because this would immediately bring in human involvement. Kass being rooted there, and now near the top of privilege in that society complicates things and removes her from outside influence. A few generations grown in the city could completely throw the outter enclave of val salia towards reform. And it would be peaceful. Even if its just Kass teaching while other city females are birthing, it would work towards Vizlet’s goal. Kass can pretend to be more traditional whenever she leaves the city and appear to be at odds with Vizlet for cover and less scrutiny. This is where I see Vizlet going with this.

  28. BigTuk

    Vizlet: “I can fit you in me two weeks from Thursday”

    I’m sorryy. I’m so sorry but I couldn’t resist that joke any longer. I’m sorry I’m just so sorry.

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